In October 24 our health ministry team have launched another health seminar. This was a change from Digestive Revival to improving lung function. Dr. John. Schaman a Cardiac Rehbilitation doctor from the Otario Aerobic Centre, Breslau was our guest speaker. His topic was: “ Where Medical Challenges meet a Musical Solution. “

This seminar was well attended by our church family and many from the community. What an outreach ministry!

All participants have gained great wealth of knowledge on how to care for their lungs using a musical solution- Harmonica MD. Playing harmonica every day can help lungs feel stronger, can reduce stress, increase oxygen to the brain and help the body function better overall. This is because playing harmonica requires good breath control and involves pushing air … of oxygen reaching the brain and also expands lung capacity. What a wonderful way to improve our lung capacity using musical solution and not drugs!

After the presentation, few people from the community and from our church expressed their interest in organizing a harmonica music therapy group! What a wonderful way that will be to bring people together and play few tunes and at the same time a good way to fellowship with others while improving our health. By God’s grace, we will do it! To God be the glory!