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Worship that Connects

by adskwusr

PROGRAMME SCHEDULE Friday, Dec. 10, 6-8 pmOpening worship service with Dr. Joseph Kidder (Professor of Pastoral Theology & Discipleship, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary) Sabbath, Dec. 11 (full day)9:30 am – Sabbath worship with a multigenerational panel 11 am – Main worship service with Dr. Joseph Kidder 3-4:30 pm – Four concurrent seminars Acceptable vs Unacceptable […]

Covenants: Sanctification

by adskwusr

From “Steps to Christ” chapter 13 (page 115):  http://www.whiteestate.org/books/sc/sc13.html The children of God are called to be representatives of Christ, showing forth the goodness and mercy of the Lord. As Jesus has revealed to us the true character of the Father, so we are to reveal Christ to a world that does not know His […]

Covenants: Justification

by adskwusr

In this post, we will explore the New Covenant that God made with humanity at the moment Christ died on the cross. The English word “covenant” comes from the Latin phrase “con venire”, which is also the root of the word “convention”. “Con venire” was the translation into Latin of the Hebrew word “berith”, and […]

Digestive Revival – Part 3

by adskwusr

In October 24 our health ministry team have launched another health seminar. This was a change from Digestive Revival to improving lung function. Dr. John. Schaman a Cardiac Rehbilitation doctor from the Otario Aerobic Centre, Breslau was our guest speaker. His topic was: “ Where Medical Challenges meet a Musical Solution. “ This seminar was […]